Why ALL IPs from KT of Korea were blocked?


New member
Oct 26, 2022
Few days ago, Using the internet of KT(Korea Telecom, an ISP of Korea), I tried to connect this website but website said 'Access denied'. I thought this was error and would be fixed soon. But even today, the website is not connectable. I tried another approach. Through the celluar internet provided by SKT(SK Telecom, an another ISP of Korea), I can connect into the website.

I think this is the problem not only for me but another ones using internet of KT. I uploaded a question to another website and some people said they are using KT internet and it is not connectable. This problem isn't occurred when SKT's or LG U+(an ISP like KT and SKT)'s internet were used.

So, my conclusion is that CPU-Monkey(and GPU-Monkey, too.) website is blocking entire KT's IPs so all devices using those IPs isn't able to reach the websites. I wonder why this happened and hope it quickly solved.